You are not without knowing that yachting is living a dramatic situation in France at the moment. The reason of the problems we face are France’s decision to apply the provisions of Article 31 of the Social Security and with this  , with its decree published on 9 March 2017, in isolation of  all neighbours european countries
( italy, spain) and without consultation of yachting representative. And the rules of the  Of the host country.

The result is that by 25 August at the latest:

1 / French resident sailors embarked on commercial third-country yachts must be declared in French social security schemes and tax paid (Enim & Urssaf) as from 1st of july.
2 / That sailors embarked on yachts that stay more than 90 days in France will also have to be declared in the French social schemes (Enim & Urssaf).
3 / The immediate consequence is an increase in wage costs which will rise to around 48% (Urssaf + Enim) against 18-20% today. This inevitably means lower wages for seafarers and an increase in wage costs for shipowners.

 In front of this situation :
1 / At the social level: French resident sailors no longer find embarkation, those who have embarkations run the risk of being disembarked.
2 / On the economic level: shipowners not wanting to risk paying social security charges of around 48% ordered boats to leave France, which means no work this winter for  Shipyard and artisans and French professionals.

We are on the eve of a disaster in terms of employment and economic activities.

ECPY took up this problem a few months ago.
1 / We participated in the request of  suspension of the Decree which was presented to the Council of State, which was unsuccessful since the Council of State refused to examine it arguing that there was no urgency!
2 / On 2 August we met the services of Madame  BORNE, Minister for Transport, Ministre de la transition écologique et solidaire. We explained to the civil officers we met that it was urgent to make decisions to save the winter season 2017/2018.

ECPY will keep you informed of the developments of this file, there is no time to lose and we hope for an answer in the next few days. We are once again involved in a vital fight for yachting, it is not the first and as in the past we will do what is necessary to defend and save  yachting.

It is not surprising that some organizations claiming to be representative of “the yachting industry” are in favor of the provisions adopted unilaterally by the French state, this is not the most important. But that had to be said.


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