Comité Européen pour le Yachting professionnel

Veille juridique

Nos collaborateurs n’ont de cesse de vous tenir informés sur l’évolution des textes relatif à la profession


Chaque année ECPY organise plusieurs evènement pour créer du lien et de la visibilité. Les Open Days sont fait pour vous n’hésitez pas à participer

Référent auprès des douanes

Toute l’année nous travaillons avec les douanes et l’administration pour défendre les droits de la profession.

Support & Training

Une question administrative, un problème sur la mise en place des nouveaux outils ? ECPY organise des trainings afin de vous aider dans la démarche.

Who are we ?

The European Committee for Professional Yachting was created in January 1993. This unique association counts over 130 corporate members from various areas of the yachting industry. ECPY has been defending the interests of yachting professionals for over a decade and has managed to have the economical weight of the industry recognised. Yacht and charter brokers, managers, architects, designers, service providers, yachting associations, insurance companies, shipyards…

ECPY is focused on stimulating the economic growth of the yachting industry and have a track record of working closely with public administrations, governments and the EU to further its interest. 

  • Yachts meet during the Opens Days 80%
  • Relations avec les Douanes 60%
  • Event 50%
  • Vieille juridique 90%

What do we do ?

ECPY has been working for over 21 years to create the necessary conditions to allow the development of the yachting industry and defend the interests of its professionals.

Our main objective is to represent the Yachting Industry before the public administrations, the governments and the different instances of the EU in all areas influencing our profession, with special attention to the following





Technical regulations

Actions taken and results achieved

  • Representation of the main associations of the Yachting in France (RYN, GEPY, PYA, MYBA) within the framework of the discussions with the DLF  concerning the VAT applicable to the commercial Yachts
  • Training MLC2006 for the captains and the managers in cooperation with Lloyd Register
  • Organization of conferences on the themes of the MLC2006, the VAT and the customs aspects
  • Organization of 5 open days in the port of Nice per year
  • Participation in the writing of the Guide of the fiscal and customs Procedures applicable to the nautical world
  • Interface favored with tax authorities and customs
      • Organization of 3 open days in the port of Nice where the professionals of the yachting can discover a wide choice of yachts and service companies
      • 2006: Exemption of mooring tax for commercial yachts
      • Exemption of mooring tax paid by commercial yachts due in French harbours.
      • 2005: Extra moorings during conventions – Port of Cannes. An increase in the number of moorings available during commercial events in Cannes (+30%) thanks to the opening of “Quai Croisière and “Gare Maritime Pantiero”.
      • 2004/2005: VAT Exemption for Commercial Yachts. ECPY worked over 11 years to introduce the concept of commercial yachts at international level. Following years of negotiations with the administrations the Moratorium was brought to an end in France and replaced by the commercial status for yachts, legalising charter activity and obtaining zero rated VAT on works and supplies.
      • QH2002 Procedure – Port of Cannes. The implementation of rules for the allocations of moorings in the Port of Cannes during events. (QH2002). Thanks to this measure, moorings are now allocated in a fairer manner.
      • The VAT Moratorium. Following the opening of the European Market, ECPY introduced a new French tax and customs procedure. As a result of which charter activity with non EU vessels was possible. VAT was suspended for yachts built between 1982 and 1992 and non-EC yachts obtained zero rated VAT on works and supplies.

      Future missions ?

      Today, due to the constant progress of our industry, there is still a lot to be done. We are confronted to a lack of berths, new European tax laws and custom regulations, the non-existence of an official status for professionals (managers, brokers…), and we must pursue our actions in view of developing new ports, official texts and professional cards…
      In order to do so, we need your support.
      ECPY’s income is solely generated by members’ dues.
      Thanks to you we will undertake these new challenges and pursue the battle for the defence of our common interests.